Jako had been running a modest handyman/painting business for around 16 years. In 2013, he quoted to do a full redecoration on a sectional title complex for which he had regularly performed handyman services. The body corporate opted to go with a  “more experienced” painting contractor, but within month’s after the redecoration, cracks reappeared and the primer coat started to show through. The  chosen Contractor hadn’t followed the manufacturer specifications and so the product provider was not interested in assisting and the Contractor simply pointed out that cracks were not covered in his guarantee. Craig also owned a unit in a sectional title complex and he too had experienced a badly executed redecoration project. After comparing notes, Jako and Craig decided that there must be a gap in the market for a honest, reliable painting contractor that communicates well and is prepared to backup their workmanship with a joint-manufacturer guarantee. In December 2014, Jako and Craig started work on their first 80 unit complex under newly formed SUPERSEAL. The excellent quality of workmanship was noted by the complex next door (100 units) who then invited SUPERSEAL to tender. Dissatisfied with the lies and empty promises that previous employers had made to clients, Gordon joined the team in 2015, encouraged by  the companies vision to deliver on its promises.

SUPERSEAL’s vision is to be a waterproofing and painting contracting brand that is relevant in the lives and close to the hearts and minds of it’s clients, due to being known to always live up to our promise.

The business is based on living the SUPERSEAL Promise™, which is built on five pillars.

The outcome of this is the wonderful feeling of having a satisfied customer at the end of a job well done.

We provide a professional painting and waterproofing service to the residential market, sectional-title units and the commercial/industrial markets. We are really a multi-task company specialising in the following core areas:



Price is what you pay, but value is what you get for that outlay. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to tailor a solution to fit your budget, not just for the outlay of a redecoration project, but for the decades that follow.


When you chose SUPERSEAL, a motivated and well-run team of painters will arrive when they say they will, work a full day and then return each day until the job is complete.


‘Budgets’ and ‘productivity’ are the cornerstones of any business. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to tailor a maintenance plan to fit your budget, whilst minimising the disruption to your working environment to ensure that you can keep doing what you need to do.


Years combined Professional Experience.

Completed Projects and counting.

Skilled Professionals.


SUPERSEAL is divided into two companies and three main divisions, namely MARKETING, MANAGEMENT and OPERATIONS. Management is divided into four departments, each responsible for its own form of service delivery: Financial Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Strategy and Franchise. All of these departments work together to deliver on the SUPERSEAL Promise and offer our clients the best possible service.


  • Jako Myburgh


    Myburgh heads up the OPERATIONS Division. He has extensive experience in maintenance, light construction, painting and waterproofing and is ideally positioned to see that quality standards are maintained on site and that all crew work according to the Superseal Promise.

  • Craig Martin

    Non-Executive Director

    Martin heads up the MANAGEMENT Division, with a background in finance, information technology and strategy, Martin has experience is assisting in developing and driving the business and franchise strategy, setting up systems, financial management, including assisting with costing and operation systems, such as health and safety.

  • Gordon Lorimer

    Regional Sales Director

    Lorimer currently heads of Sales and is in acting position as Head of the MARKETING Division. He is active in building relationships with clients in the Hospitality area and with Managing Agents who assist with work in the Community Schemes sector. Lorimer is tasked with growing our Industrial Division, which has largely been the telecommunications sector, and the Residential Division, which has large growth opportunities.

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