Consulting Division: Advisory

Superseal act as partners with our clients, by providing expertise, specifying product and technology solutions and assisting the client it reaching a decision about the best solution for their budget and requirements. Our aim is to provide long-term peace of mind for your maintenance needs, especially in the areas of waterproofing, damp-proofing, painting and specialised coatings (such as sealing of tiles, flooring, etc.). 

In almost any aspect of the building industry where large sums of money are about to be spent, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors or other independent professionals advice is sort for your protection. The selection of the correct paint or waterproofing kit to be used on specific substrates (i.e. plaster, wood, galvanised steel, plastic, enamels, etc.) is complicated because of the large number and varieties of coatings available, as well as many different manufacturers and trade names.

Superseal offer a independent, third party consulting services to property owners for redecoration, painting and waterproofing services. 

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Please give us your name and email address and we will forward you a brochure outlining how our Consulting Division can assist you with your redecorating (painting/waterproofing) project.

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