Different Paint Types

All paints are not created equal, so simply asking for two coats of paint is like asking for a slice of biltong. Don’t be disappointed if your slice is too small, as you didn’t specify. The same applies for painting projects. Two coats of a cheap, low quality paint will not provide the same coverage or finish as one coat of high quality industrial paint, nor will it last as long. So what determines the quality and durability of a given paint?

To understand what makes up a high quality can of paint, we must first understand that there are four main raw materials used in paints, namely 1) solvents (or water), 2) pigments, 3) resins (binders), and 4) additives.

Solvents refer to various low viscosity, volatile liquids which can dissolve a resin. Solvents include petroleum mineral spirits and aromatic solvents such as benzol, alcohols, esters, ketones, and acetone. Water is used in many paints. The solvent makes up the liquid portion of the paint which makes it easier to apply, but evaporate as the coating dries. A paint with a higher volume-to-solids ratio will contain less solvent and more pigment and resin which form the coating on the wall once the solvent has evaporated and the paint is dry.

Pigments are simply insoluble, finely ground materials that give paint its colour. Titanium dioxide is the most common pigment as it is used make basic white paint.

Resins are used as a binder in paint. Resins can be translucent or transparent, solid or semi-solid. The nature and amount of binder determines much of a paint’s properties, such as washability, toughness, adhesion, elasticity and colour retention.

The last category of raw materials in paint are additives, which can serve many purposes, from reducing the drag on a brush, providing anti-slip characteristics, adding texture, etc. There are many different paint additives, such as driers, anti-settling agents, anti-skinning agents, defoamers, silica (or sand) for texture, mildewcide, perfumes and a host of others that enable paint to cover well and last long. Some, like calcium carbonate and aluminum silicate, are simply fillers that give the paint body and substance without changing its properties.

Application of a paint consisting mostly of solvents may be easy, but when the paint dries it leaves behind less of the other raw materials on the walls. This sort of paint may only have a 28-30% volume-to-solids ratio and so when the paint dries the thickness of the paint film that is left on the wall is relatively thin. If most of the remaining materials in that paint are fillers, like calcium carbonate, then your walls may look fine after a two coat application, but the coating will not last very long.

The dry film thickness of paint is measured in microns (µ), which is a thousandth of a millimeter. Many commonly used paints produce a dry film thickness of around 25-40µ per coat, so a two coat application will leave your wall with a film thickness of 50-80µ.

A high quality paint with a higher volume-to-solids ratio will produce a thicker film when it dries. Ideally, the other raw materials, such as the resins, should help to contribute toward a quality coating that will last for a number of years, or even decades.

This is why it is important to specify a minimum dry film thickness (DFT) rather than arbitrarily insisting that a contractor apply two coats of paint.

That depends on a number of considerations including the area to be painted, type and condition of the substrate and how long you would like the coating to last.

Matt and Flat Finish

A non-reflective appearance that helps hide surface blemishes, making walls look smooth. These finishes cover imperfections in surface and application and allow for easy touch-ups, although they tend to hold dirt and are difficult to clean as cleaning can actually remove the finish itself. This finish is best suited to adult bedrooms, dining rooms, formal living rooms and ceilings.

Medium Sheen and Satin Finishes

With its slight gloss, this finish offers the benefits of richer look and actually retains its pearl-like finish once dry. This finish stands up well to washing, although it does not hide imperfections as well as a matt finish and touch-ups will stand out. It works best for high-traffic areas such as hallways, woodwork, childrens bedrooms and family rooms.

High Gloss Finishes

These paints reflect the most light once dry, providing a bright sheen. These durable finishes offer high resistance to moisture and are easy to scrub clean, although they show up every imperfection, require additional prep work and do not allow for touch-ups. This finish is perfect for areas that are cleaned frequently, such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas, cupboard doors and trim.


You may read more on the top by looking at the article: “NoTwo Coats Are Created Equal!

How To Measure Your Interior for Painting

Calculate the area of the Vertical Walls and the linear meters of the Skirting board:-

Step One: Skirting: Simply add up the length of each of the four walls in a room to obtain the total perimeter around the room.

For example, 3.2m + 4.5m + 3.2m +4.5m = 15.4m

There is 15.4 linear meters of standard skirting in the room, less 1m for the door. Skirting normally ranges from 69mm to 140mm thick, with 94mm as the most common size.

If the ceiling has cornices, then this same number can generally be used for the cornices.

Step Two: Wall Area: Multiply the perimeter by the ceiling height to get the total wall area.

For example, 15,4m x 2.4m = 37m.

If the room has several large windows (2m² or more in area) and built-in cupboards, then we would calculate the total area of these and deduct that from the size from the total area of the vertical walls. Also, for simplicity, use 2m² for an average-sized inter-leading single-door. (We generally don’t deduct the area of very small windows as they require additional work of cutting-in around them.)

For example, each windows is 2m² of area, and so is the single-door. We ignore the small window and there are no built-in cupboards. So we can deduct 6m² (2m² + 2m² + 2m²) from the total area, i.e. 37m² – 6m² = 31m².

So the wall area for that room is 31m².

Step Three: Ceiling Area: Return to the length (4.5m) and width (3.2m) of the room that you obtained when calculating the perimeter. Now simply multiply the two together, to obtain the area of the ceiling.

For example, 4.5 x 3.2 = 14.4m². This is the footprint of the room, which we use for calculating the area of the ceiling and of the floor. (See above for linear meters for the cornices).

Step Four: Repeat for Each Room: Now follow the exact same procedure (Steps One to Step Three) for every other room that you would like to have painted.

So that you can add each rooms measurements together.

For example, Wall Area = 31m²(room 1) + 16m² (study) + 28m² (lounge) + 12m² (kitchen) + 6m² (bathroom) + 35m² (room 2) = 127m²

Step Five: Doors and Door Frames: Now run through the house and count any wooden doors and frames that require painting.

NOTE: The instructions below are just on how to measure your interior for painting. Please READ THIS ARTICLE if you need to know about selecting finishes or different paint types.


Selecting Colour

House Painting Fundamentals

When it comes to picking a paint colour, you can’t just ask for white. There are a plethora of choices in white including cool whites, warm whites, and true whites. The type of paint also influences the colour that you visually perceive. So colour is very much a preference decision for each individual; however there are some great tools that can help you make a critical choice of the best colour white for your area.

Colour Wheels and Paint Cards

Your Superseal representative carries a number of colour wheels, swatches and paint cards from several different major paint manufacturers, which you can borrow for a few days to sample and make your selection. Colour wheels are also very helpful in matching a color to an existing wall or a favorite object.  Your Superseal representative can offer an opinion on colour, but they are really authorities on painting and not design experts or colour consultants.

If you would like to know more about colour, you can read our newsletter article entitled, “Dont be Seduced by 50 Shades of Grey“.

Training and Support

Training & Support

Receive Ongoing Guidance for Your Painting and Waterproofing Franchise

When individuals decide to invest in a Superseal Waterproofing and Painting franchise, they usually come from a career that they feel is dull and stale. Whether you’re already an experienced painter, a business office employee, or you have spent years working in a restaurant, as long as you are an entrepreneurial-minded individual, you can benefit from franchising. In order to succeed as a painting franchise, you must have a desire to be great and a drive to fulfill customers’ dreams.

Regardless of your experience level, when you make the decision to franchise with Superseal, you will have the training and support you need to understand the industry and every facet that goes into making your franchise a success. We provide you with all of the tools you need to succeed. Our training is ongoing, because as industry standards change, so too should our ability to keep up with them.

Ongoing training with Superseal Waterproofing and Painting consists of the following:

Sales and technology
Recruiting and retaining employees

You will receive training in all aspects necessary to be a leader in the painting industry both now and in the future. The best part about franchising with Superseal Waterproofing and Painting: You will never have to go through your struggles alone. All of our franchisees are fully backed by professionals who have been there and done it before.

Our ongoing support includes:

Annual events for training and networking
Franchisee mentoring and coaching
Technical support for software
Development and training
Administrative assistance

Our training and proven systems are designed to give our franchisees the opportunity to reach and retain long-term success.

Don’t deal with the burden of starting up your own business. The opportunity to be your own boss shouldn’t be that complicated. Superseal Waterproofing and Painting is a nationally recognized brand in the painting and waterproofing industry and we have a reputation for excellent service. When you invest in our franchise, you are already ahead of the competition.

Hire A Trained and Accredited Painter for a Day!

Day Hire™ – Superseal Trained and Accredited Painters*

Need to spruce up your kitchen, powder room or the exterior of your home? Have a list of small painting projects you’ve been meaning to get done?

A professional Superseal Painter will arrive with a consumables kit (This includes all the necessary supplies, i.e. rollers, brushes, caulking gun, clean-up rags, turpentine, MEK, dropsheets, masking tape, etc.)*.
You can also request other items, such as step-ladders, extension ladders or high-pressure cleaners. Your painter is ready to provide up to eight hours of quality work inside or out.

Together, you and the painter can create a priority list of jobs. The painter will keep working down the list until the eight hours have been completed.


The Interior Painter costs just R390.00 (VAT inclusive) for a day. (HIRE HERE)

The Exterior Painter costs just R495.00 (VAT inclusive) for a day (excludes roof work).

The Roof Worker costs just R595.00 (VAT inclusive) for a day. (2nd Exterior Painter on same site costs R495.00)

Industrial High-Pressure Cleaners (120 bar) can be hired for R399.00 a day and a Hydroblast machine (200-250 bar) will cost just R499.00 a day.

Step-ladders can be hired from just R29.00 a day and extension ladders from R39 to R99 a day (depending on length).

We even hire our airless high-pressure sprays for spraying roofing or floors from just R499 per day.

Consumables will charged for, as used, with a minimum charge of R49 (VAT inclusive).


Hire a Painter Fully Equipped™ to:

High-pressure clean your paving, driveway, roof
Paint a guest bathroom or a kitchen
Touch up interior trim
Paint exterior trim, shutters, doors, soffits and fascia and more
Pressure wash exterior surfaces like decks, patios, steps and walkways
Perform minor repairs such as touching up dry wall cracks and repairing water stains
Do a combination of jobs that will take up to eight hours

Please note that the Superseal Hire a Painter Fully Equipped™ does not include paint, consumables used will be billed for at cost, plus a small mark-up to cover handling.
We can supply the required paint at an additional cost (price lists are available on request).

* A Superseal Trained and Accredited painter will have been instructed on how to paint carefully, remove plugs, lights, masking tape around trim areas, etc. They have also been instructed on safe working procedures and are insured for Workmen’s Compensation. At present this service is only available from Montague Gardens to Melkbosstrand in the Western-Cape.

Painting and Waterproofing Franchise Opportunity

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss, with the freedom to enjoy time with your family while still being able to build a successful business? If you have entrepreneurial opportunities on your mind, you’ve arrived at the right place. At Superseal Waterproofing and Painting, our goal is to provide our franchisees with the proven systems and support they need to succeed, regardless of their backgrounds.

At Superseal, we seek franchisees that will operate with the following characteristics:

Have a passion for success and the drive to pursue it.
Have a strong character and be committed to our Code of Values.
The desire to be part of a team.

Our franchise locations can be found throughout the South Africa, allowing us to provide professional painting services to a broad range of customers. If you are interested in this opportunity, you can take advantage of the many benefits that come with a Superseal Waterproofing and Painting franchise.

To achieve success, we believe in strong and clear values. These values have created our unique company culture and have established clear operating guidelines. As a franchisee, you’ll know that we, as a franchisor, hold ourselves to the highest possible standards.

When you start a business from the ground up, you are setting yourself up to deal with all of the struggles associated with a new business. You have to find the right location, market your business, develop the proper system, and train yourself and the individuals you hire to follow your mission. With Superseal Waterproofing and Painting, you are already ahead of the game and receive the support you need to help you accomplish these goals with the backing of proven methods.

What is Expected of Our Franchisees

At Superseal Waterproofing and Painting, we hold all of our franchisees to a high set of standards because we expect to uphold the high-quality service customers deserve. We are driven by the opportunity to help customers add color to their lives. Whether they are residential or commercial customers, our goal is to help fulfill their dreams.

Joining the Superseal Waterproofing and Painting family is a big decision and should be carefully considered before you take the leap into owning a painting franchise. You have goals, and we want to help you achieve them. If you’re ready to learn more about our painting franchise opportunity, contact us today.

Reasons to Invest in a Painting and Waterproofing Franchise

Reasons to Invest in a Franchise

When you make the decision to invest in Superseal Waterproofing and Painting, you are not just putting money into a business opportunity, but a proven system, with processes that work. You are also investing in yourself, in your future, and the future of your family. As the owner of a painting franchise with Superseal Waterproofing and Painting, you will receive countless advantages to which you normally wouldn’t have access to, if you opted to go in alone. This is because we strive to give our franchisees the best chance at success from the very beginning.

Deals and Discounts – Because we are a nationally recognized brand with high-profile partnerships, we have the opportunity to purchase all of the high-quality tools, products, equipment, and services we need at a discounted price. We benefit from these money-saving opportunities as a way to keep costs down and profits up.

Support and Training – You will never have to deal with struggles alone, we offer all of our franchisees ongoing training and proven systems so you can stay up to date on industry standards, technology ideas, marketing ideas and support. We try and give you the tools you need to achieve success.
Proven systems and research – With Superseal Waterproofing and Painting, you won’t have to develop or create sales systems, scheduling systems, or other systems. Everything we utilize has been tested and improved by all of our franchisees.

At Superseal Waterproofing and Painting, we are proud of what we do for our customers, but we are even more proud of the opportunities we provide to franchisees. Our reach throughout South Africa makes us a premier name in the waterproofing and painting industry. Make sure your next investment is a sound one; the opportunity and potential for lifelong success is only a phone call away. Call Craig on 021 001 SEAL to discuss franchise opportunities and visit our franchise website for more information.

Franchise Investment

At Superseal, we offer the opportunity of a lifetime. However, before we give this chance, we want to make sure the individual interested in partnering with us, is someone we want to invest in. Our painting franchise owners are expected to uphold certain standards and possess specific characteristics. If you feel you are a fit to be a franchisee, we would love to hear from you.
Contact us at (021) 001-SEAL(7325).

Our Ideal Candidate
While we don’t require a potential franchisee to have experience in a specific industry, there are a few things we do ask of them. Our ideal candidate for painting franchise ownership must have:

Financial Stability – While our franchise opportunity is one of low investment, we want to be sure our franchisees have the highest possible chance of succeeding. You would not be under debt review or under sequestration and would have sufficient funds to invest regarding initial franchise fees and ongoing license fees.
Drive and Passion – In order to franchise with Superseal, you must have the same drive and passion for the business that we do. Our mission is to act as trusted partners with our clients by providing professional advisory and project management services and delivering value in waterproofing and coating solutions.
Character and Values – We have a reputation for excellence and we instill values in our employees and franchise partners, that can be summarised with the acronym C.H.E.A.P.
C – Communicate Well (with all stakeholders)
H – Act Honestly (no compromise)
E – Get Exhausted (push to meet deadlines)
A – Be Accountable (accept responsibility)
P – Act Professionally (with integrity and authenticity).

What are the costs?

There are a couple of factors to consider when determining the startup costs for the franchise. While some aspects may alter the cost, the standard, minimum initial franchise fee for a single location is $32,500. You must also keep with the licensing fee, which is 6% of gross sales, plus 2% of gross sales for marketing, advertising, and promotion fees.
Opportunity Is a Step Away

If you believe you have what it takes to invest in a painting franchise, we’d love to hear from you. See how you can benefit from working with us, and how our nationally recognized brand can help you convert business quickly and effectively.

Why own a Superseal Franchise?

Benefits of Owning a Painting Franchise
Firstly, the market for painting houses, businesses, factories, shops and sectional-title buildings is large and growing. This means that if done correctly it can also be a very rewarding business. There are a multitude of managing agents that are looking for quality interior and exterior painting services. The major challenge for many painting businesses is forming relationships with the sort of customers who can bring in repeat business. While individual homeowners are a powerful source of income and word-of-mouth advertising, homeowner associations, managing agents and commercial building owners provide continuous sources of income when they trust you and your brand. To this end, Superseal is an Affiliate Member of the National Association of Managing Agents (Western Cape) and will help franchisees build relationships with people who can assist in leveraging their sales.

Cross Market Solutions
Superseal have considered every aspect of waterproofing and painting and offer comprehensive solutions. In addition to our standard contracting services, we also offer our clients the option of essentially hiring a Superseal painter for a day. Alternately they are able to have their entire house painted in one day by a professional Superseal team. You may think that completing the entire internal or external painting of a house in one day is crazy, but our clients think we’re brilliant! They rave about how we’ve given their home a fresh coat of love while completely minimizing the disruption to their household.

Sustainable Growth
We have built a business model that ensures that sustainable income as we offer clients three levels of guarantee/warranty on work, namely 1000 days, 2000 days or 3000 days. These guarantees are subject to a maintenance inspection being undertaken every 300 days to ensure that the guarantee/warranty remains in force.

Tested Products
Our products have been tested not only in laboratories but also through practical on-site application. We therefore only implement solutions that we are confident will work in practice.

Transfer of Skills
Not only are franchisees provided with a comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual, but we have built an online training academy for different parts of the business operations. Furthermore, we have regular workshops where our product providers and other applicators come together to learn about new technologies and to be up-skilled.

The Latest Technology, Equipment and Tools
When you open a painting franchise rather than an isolated business, the franchisor handles many of the challenges that a start-up businesses would have, such as developing systems, branding, marketing and developing relationships with suppliers and potential clients. Superseal have proprietary software and systems and we have established relationships to obtain discounts for some of the best equipment, products, and tools in the industry. These partnerships will save the new business owner a fortune is time and costs, as you can effectively compete with larger corporations on a level playing field.

Fully-Developed Systems
As a franchise, you’ll receive the management systems you need in order to run a profitable business. Rather than waste years of your time and thousands of Rands of your capital attempting to build your own systems from scratch, franchisees gain access to fully-developed systems. The value of this sort of resource is hard to overstate—many businesses go bankrupt long before they have a chance to develop an optimised system. Beginning with one on your first day is an incredible advantage.

A Trusted Brand
The most difficult long-term goal of any business is to create a trusted name that generates a loyal customer base. When people trust your name (and thus your services) without any prior firsthand experience, your business is poised for rapid growth. That sort of brand recognition takes years to build, requiring extensive spending, experimenting, and marketing with precision. If you don’t have marketing experience, it’s more than likely that much of your initial efforts will go to waste. The single greatest resource of a franchise is the power of its brand. When you franchise with a particular brand, you’re accessing the reputation that they have built and the trust they’ve established. You’re accessing the combined success of thousands of projects from your first day onward. This resource is invaluable to your business. Imagine starting your company with the ability to immediately generate a customer base founded solely on the name of your business. That is the strength which a good franchise offers you.

Owning a Superseal Painting Franchise
Any good franchise will offer you these services in some capacity or another. What we offer at Superseal is unmatched service, providing you with the best that our industry has to offer. Not only that, but our work with you does not end after your business launches. We get you started, and then our real work with you begins. We work with you to help you develop your business to its maximum potential. Combined with the training opportunities we offer to our franchisees, you will be equipped with everything you could possibly need to build the strongest business in your area.

Sales Representative (Cape Town: Helderburg)

Sales Representative (Cape Town: Helderburg)

Position Opened: 6th August 2015 – please email careers@superseal.co.za

Superseal is a dynamic waterproofing and coatings contracting company, currently operating in the Western-Cape  (and opening in the Eastern-Cape) but growing throughout South Africa. We see ourselves as offering “stress-free redecoration (taking the pain out of painting) and providing superior sealing”. As a growing company, Superseal is a great place for an experienced sales person to grow their earnings, with a competitive commission structure.

Job Responsibilities:

This position is responsible for increasing sales and profit by growing key, targeted customers within an assigned territory.  The position will require developing and implementing business/sales plans, and to make potential customers aware of our Consulting offering as well as our Contracting solutions. The sales representative will primarily be responsible to grow the business through prospecting new customers, which are mainly property managers, landlords, trustees of sectional-title units.

Experience Required:

Prior experience in sales, customer service is required. It would be advantageous if you have experience is selling contracting services (whether it be handyman, electrical, plumbing or painting). Preference will be given to someone with knowledge of painting (coating) and waterproofing. This position also requires strong communication, problem solving, time management and presentation skills.  Must also be self motivated and possess the ability to work independently.  Prior sales experience, the ability to understanding costing and basic computer literacy will be considered a plus.

Education Required:

Senior Certificate (Matric) High School a required minimum.

Basic Qualifications:

Must be at least 21 years of age

Must have a valid driver’s license

Must be able to speak English and Afrikaans

Must have a Senior Certificate (Matric) High School or equivalent

Equal Opportunity Employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against based on race. colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, pregnancy, genetic information or any other consideration prohibited by law or contract.

Responsible for: driving top line sales growth of Superseal Contracting and Consulting by developing business relationships with end users (Property-Managers, Architects, Home Builders, Trustees, Landlords, etc.).  The sales representative will have access to our office infrastructure as well as allocated hours for an assistant to assist with telephoning and administration. Calling on property managers represent 60-70% of the job and extensive travel will be expected.


Employment Category: Regular – Fulltime. The position is commission only, but a petrol card and cellphone expenses are covered and all training is paid for by the company.