How To Measure Your Interior for Painting

Calculate the area of the Vertical Walls and the linear meters of the Skirting board:-

Step One: Skirting: Simply add up the length of each of the four walls in a room to obtain the total perimeter around the room.

For example, 3.2m + 4.5m + 3.2m +4.5m = 15.4m

There is 15.4 linear meters of standard skirting in the room, less 1m for the door. Skirting normally ranges from 69mm to 140mm thick, with 94mm as the most common size.

If the ceiling has cornices, then this same number can generally be used for the cornices.

Step Two: Wall Area: Multiply the perimeter by the ceiling height to get the total wall area.

For example, 15,4m x 2.4m = 37m.

If the room has several large windows (2m² or more in area) and built-in cupboards, then we would calculate the total area of these and deduct that from the size from the total area of the vertical walls. Also, for simplicity, use 2m² for an average-sized inter-leading single-door. (We generally don’t deduct the area of very small windows as they require additional work of cutting-in around them.)

For example, each windows is 2m² of area, and so is the single-door. We ignore the small window and there are no built-in cupboards. So we can deduct 6m² (2m² + 2m² + 2m²) from the total area, i.e. 37m² – 6m² = 31m².

So the wall area for that room is 31m².

Step Three: Ceiling Area: Return to the length (4.5m) and width (3.2m) of the room that you obtained when calculating the perimeter. Now simply multiply the two together, to obtain the area of the ceiling.

For example, 4.5 x 3.2 = 14.4m². This is the footprint of the room, which we use for calculating the area of the ceiling and of the floor. (See above for linear meters for the cornices).

Step Four: Repeat for Each Room: Now follow the exact same procedure (Steps One to Step Three) for every other room that you would like to have painted.

So that you can add each rooms measurements together.

For example, Wall Area = 31m²(room 1) + 16m² (study) + 28m² (lounge) + 12m² (kitchen) + 6m² (bathroom) + 35m² (room 2) = 127m²

Step Five: Doors and Door Frames: Now run through the house and count any wooden doors and frames that require painting.

NOTE: The instructions below are just on how to measure your interior for painting. Please READ THIS ARTICLE if you need to know about selecting finishes or different paint types.