Why own a Superseal Franchise?

Benefits of Owning a Painting Franchise
Firstly, the market for painting houses, businesses, factories, shops and sectional-title buildings is large and growing. This means that if done correctly it can also be a very rewarding business. There are a multitude of managing agents that are looking for quality interior and exterior painting services. The major challenge for many painting businesses is forming relationships with the sort of customers who can bring in repeat business. While individual homeowners are a powerful source of income and word-of-mouth advertising, homeowner associations, managing agents and commercial building owners provide continuous sources of income when they trust you and your brand. To this end, Superseal is an Affiliate Member of the National Association of Managing Agents (Western Cape) and will help franchisees build relationships with people who can assist in leveraging their sales.

Cross Market Solutions
Superseal have considered every aspect of waterproofing and painting and offer comprehensive solutions. In addition to our standard contracting services, we also offer our clients the option of essentially hiring a Superseal painter for a day. Alternately they are able to have their entire house painted in one day by a professional Superseal team. You may think that completing the entire internal or external painting of a house in one day is crazy, but our clients think we’re brilliant! They rave about how we’ve given their home a fresh coat of love while completely minimizing the disruption to their household.

Sustainable Growth
We have built a business model that ensures that sustainable income as we offer clients three levels of guarantee/warranty on work, namely 1000 days, 2000 days or 3000 days. These guarantees are subject to a maintenance inspection being undertaken every 300 days to ensure that the guarantee/warranty remains in force.

Tested Products
Our products have been tested not only in laboratories but also through practical on-site application. We therefore only implement solutions that we are confident will work in practice.

Transfer of Skills
Not only are franchisees provided with a comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual, but we have built an online training academy for different parts of the business operations. Furthermore, we have regular workshops where our product providers and other applicators come together to learn about new technologies and to be up-skilled.

The Latest Technology, Equipment and Tools
When you open a painting franchise rather than an isolated business, the franchisor handles many of the challenges that a start-up businesses would have, such as developing systems, branding, marketing and developing relationships with suppliers and potential clients. Superseal have proprietary software and systems and we have established relationships to obtain discounts for some of the best equipment, products, and tools in the industry. These partnerships will save the new business owner a fortune is time and costs, as you can effectively compete with larger corporations on a level playing field.

Fully-Developed Systems
As a franchise, you’ll receive the management systems you need in order to run a profitable business. Rather than waste years of your time and thousands of Rands of your capital attempting to build your own systems from scratch, franchisees gain access to fully-developed systems. The value of this sort of resource is hard to overstate—many businesses go bankrupt long before they have a chance to develop an optimised system. Beginning with one on your first day is an incredible advantage.

A Trusted Brand
The most difficult long-term goal of any business is to create a trusted name that generates a loyal customer base. When people trust your name (and thus your services) without any prior firsthand experience, your business is poised for rapid growth. That sort of brand recognition takes years to build, requiring extensive spending, experimenting, and marketing with precision. If you don’t have marketing experience, it’s more than likely that much of your initial efforts will go to waste. The single greatest resource of a franchise is the power of its brand. When you franchise with a particular brand, you’re accessing the reputation that they have built and the trust they’ve established. You’re accessing the combined success of thousands of projects from your first day onward. This resource is invaluable to your business. Imagine starting your company with the ability to immediately generate a customer base founded solely on the name of your business. That is the strength which a good franchise offers you.

Owning a Superseal Painting Franchise
Any good franchise will offer you these services in some capacity or another. What we offer at Superseal is unmatched service, providing you with the best that our industry has to offer. Not only that, but our work with you does not end after your business launches. We get you started, and then our real work with you begins. We work with you to help you develop your business to its maximum potential. Combined with the training opportunities we offer to our franchisees, you will be equipped with everything you could possibly need to build the strongest business in your area.