This self-paced short course provides the training that both sectional-title (STS) and home owners association (HOA) trustees need to manage their community scheme effectively and with confidence.

Trustees are elected representatives and very often, they have a minimal understanding of the extensive legal requirements involved in the management of a community scheme and yet the are still legally bound to exercise their duties taking into account all applicable legislation and the best interests of the scheme.

Although Managing Agents can guide trustees with certain decisions and duties, the onus and accountability ultimately rests with the individual trustees.

Ultimately, the value of the units in a scheme can be directly linked to how well the scheme is managed. This includes undertaking regular scheduled maintenance and repair, carefully managed finances, effective dispute resolution and proper enforcement of conduct and management rules.

In order the ensure that Trustee’s have the necessary skills to perform their duties, we have created the following 6 lessons.

1. Overview of Community Scheme Legislation

2. Duties of Trustees (Community Scheme Executives)

3. The Role of the Managing Agent and Other Role Players

4. Holding Effective Meetings (Trustee and General Meetings)

5. Trustees (Scheme Executives) role in Internal Dispute Resolution

6. Ensuring Effective Maintenance of your Community Scheme

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