Consulting and Project Management


A Body Corporate is in the unenviable position of making decisions that affect many people. Maintenance is invariably one of the biggest financial decisions that a Body Corporate can make.

Once you have gone through the process of selecting a Contractor, how do you ensure that work is undertaken according to specifications, risk is mitigated and quality control is in place?

We believe that Project Management is a key consideration for the Trustees of a Sectional Title Scheme to make. At SUPERSEAL we have developed an online project management system that includes regular health and safety audits, quality control inspections and the tracking of resources and tasks according to a pre-planned schedule.

Crucial to any project management system is communication. All stakeholders are able to view an online visual project management tool, which includes password control to all important documents and reports, so that all stakeholders can see how the project is tracking in comparison to expected time-frames.

online project management