Roof Repairs and Coating

We carry out repairs to all types of roofs and are specialists in waterproofing and damp proofing. Our roofing repair experts will have your leaks and water ingress sorted out efficiently with guarantee that holds beyond just the next rainfall.

We use the latest technology to apply our solutions at high pressure. Generally hand-applications, brushes and rollers are not sufficient to ensure that the application is effective for decades to come.

Process to Roof Painting

Roof Cleaning

We offer High Pressure Cleaning using water or air at up to 400 Kpa, as well as Anti-Fungal treatment using the latest technology.

Roof Repairs

We repair, replace and install all types of Fascia Boards including replacing of plumbing like guttering, downpipes, spreaders, etc. Will will remove all past inadequate roof repairs undertaken with bitumen, membrane and other methods and replace it with our high-pressure technology application.

Roof Coating

Correctly coating of a roof is critical for its total life expectancy and endurance. We pay special attention to our waterproofing process, and ensure all possible points of entry for water are sealed permanently. Our high-pressure airless paint system will ensure that special water impenetrable paint is applied up to 2mm thick (depending on specification) and all gaps are covered (whether IBR sheeting, corrugated, tiles, etc.).

Our quality of workmanship and fast turnaround services ensures you will be happy and the finished result in a short space of time.

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