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If you have ever tried to high-pressure clean your roof yourself then you know that it will cost you more than you bargained for. Firstly, you need to pay a deposit on the machine you hire (which can range anywhere from R300 to R500). The daily hire of the machine is normally from R550 to R650, then you need to fill the fuel tank, another R320, you need a ladder, some ropes, a harness (for safety) and one or two helpers who could cost you anywhere from R150 to R500 a day (depending on what you pay them).

We can hydro-clean your paving, roof or walls prior to painting, or simply to make them look like new. We offer Hydro-Cleaning using water or air at up to 300 KPA, as well as Anti-Fungal treatments using the latest technology, at a very affordable rate per square meter.


SUPERSEAL has the goal of acting as trusted partners with our clients by delivering on The SUPERSEAL Promise ™ which is that we will:

  • Offer additional value wherever possible
  • Endevour to always start and finish on time
  • Maintain a neat, clean work environment
  • Provide a total commitment to all details, by being accountable and acting honestly
  • Maintain regular communication with all stakehoders
  • Always follow manufacturer/supplier specifications


  • Do I need to provide anything?

    All we need from our clients is access to a water connection. Everything else is provided by SUPERSEAL.

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    No. The price per square meter includes fuel, labour and all other associated costs.

  • What if the hydro-cleaning reveals underlying problems?

    SUPERSEAL cannot be held responsible for any underlying leaks, damage or structural issues which are revealed as a result of hydro-cleaning. We will, however, gladly establish the cause at no additional cost to the client.

  • What are the benefits of hydro-cleaning my roof?

    Hydro-cleaning removes debris, dirt build-up and harmful mold and fungi. These fungi cause a host of problems, including erosion of roof tiles, higher indoor temperatures as a result of staining the surface of the roof and also health issues as a result of constantly inhaling spores. Hydro-cleaning removes these mold and fungi, effectively extending the life of your roof and improving your quality of life.

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