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A Body Corporate is in the unenviable position of making decisions that affect many people. Maintenance is invariably one of the biggest financial decisions that a Body Corporate can make.

Once you have gone through the process of selecting a Contractor, how do you ensure that work is undertaken according to specifications, risk is mitigated and quality control is in place?

We believe that Project Management is a key consideration for the Trustees of a Sectional Title Scheme to make. At SUPERSEAL we have developed an online project management system that includes regular Health and Safety audits, quality control inspections and the tracking of resources and tasks according to a pre-planned schedule.

Crucial to any project management system is communication. All stakeholders are able to view an online visual project management tool, which includes password control to all important documents and reports, so that all stakeholders can see how the project is tracking in comparison to expected time-frames.


TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT moisture readings, failure diagnosis, infra-red
SCOPE OF WORKS for tender or manufacturer requests
HEALTH AND SAFETY oversee health and safety onsite
NEGOTIATING OF TERMS contracts, guarantees, terms of payment
DRAFTING letters of appointment, contracts



SUPERSEAL has the goal of acting as trusted partners with our clients by delivering on The SUPERSEAL Promise ™ which is that we will:

  • Offer additional value wherever possible
  • Endevour to always start and finish on time
  • Maintain a neat, clean work environment
  • Provide a total commitment to all details, by being accountable and acting honestly
  • Maintain regular communication with all stakehoders
  • Always follow manufacturer/supplier specifications


  • Are you affiliated with any external governing bodies?

    Our vision is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction and to be the first consideration as a painting contractor for sectional title schemes within the Western Cape. To this end, we are an Affiliate Member of the National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA) and we strive to understand the needs of sectional title clients (Body Corporates and Managing Agents) and to act always with utmost integrity.

  • How do you communicate with stakeholders when managing a project?

    Any project that is likely to take more than three weeks to complete will have an online project management schedule set up where the Client can visually see how we are tracking to schedule. This is updated daily with photographs and comments.

  • What about Health and Safety?

    SUPERSEAL believe that Occupational Health and Safety is an important consideration on any construction site, whether constructing a new building or simply redecorating an existing structure. To this end we ensure that we comply fully with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993 and its applicable regulations. We are also able to advise clients on Health and Safety requirements and assist in the drafting of the applicable documentation, such as Risk Assessments and Fall Protection Plans.

  • Should we insist on a Health and Safety File?

    Trustees should take appropriate action to protect the Body Corporate from potential liability, rather than take action that would push the liability from the contractor toward the client.

    The Construction Regulations (2014) have altered the definition of “construction work” to now exclude “maintenance”. Therefor, Bodies Corporate are not legally obligated to supply Health and Safety Client Specifications and contractors are not obligated to submit a Health and Safety Plan or have a Health and Safety File onsite for redecoration projects, or “maintenance” as defined by the Construction Regulations (2014).

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