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Whether you need to fix a failed repair or you need your entire house repainted, we understand that owning a home is possibly the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. To protect this investment, we endevour to respond quickly to all requests and to ensure that there are no come backs.

A fresh coat of paint is the first and most important step in transforming your bare walls and doors into a canvas which tells your own personal story. Selecting your paint is not just about colour. With the correct UV, waterproofing and coating system, you can ensure that your home is good for a decade or longer. At SUPERSEAL we have the skills, experience and expertise to ensure that your home redecoration project is everything you dreamed it would be.

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SUPERSEAL has the goal of acting as trusted partners with our clients by delivering on The SUPERSEAL Promise ™ which is that we will:

  • Offer additional value wherever possible
  • Endevour to always start and finish on time
  • Maintain a neat, clean work environment
  • Provide a total commitment to all details, by being accountable and acting honestly
  • Maintain regular communication with all stakehoders
  • Always follow manufacturer/supplier specifications


  • What sort of paint do you use?

    SUPERSEAL are the ideal applicators of elastometric wall coatings. Elastomeric wall coatings are exterior acrylic latex masonry paints designed to be applied in very thick films with carbonisation and UV resistance. Normal paints are applied at around 0.15mm, but we apply these coatings at 0.35 – 0.45mm dry film thickness. Elastometric coatings are tough and flexible and stretch as cracks underneath open and close, bridging cracks and keeping water out while maintaining their appearance.

  • What about my roof?

    For roofs SUPERSEAL recommend 100% acrylic high-build coatings with anti-UV additives as these have inherent waterproofing qualities when applied correctly.

  • How do you apply paint?

    Traditional painting methods with brushes and rollers can leave ridges and brush strokes and result in an uneven application. SUPERSEAL utilise the very best and latest high-pressure airless spray technology which allows us, where required, to apply coatings at a regulated pressure of up to 300 Bar to a thickness of up to 900µm DFT. This technology is very useful when applying coatings at heights and when using rope access as it allows for quicker application. While we concede that some products work better when applied with the right brush or roller a thinner coating can nearly always be applied better with spray technology. You would never consider painting your car with a brush or roller, would you?

  • Do you stand behind your workmanship?

    SUPERSEAL offer a unique 3,000 DAY GUARANTEE on all work undertaken. This is backed by our coating manufacturers. We undertake three inspections over this period (+/-300 days, +/-1,000 days and +/-1,800 days) to look for any failure and to recommend any maintenance. Correcting any coating failure is 100% at our expense and any recommended maintenance (i.e. normal wear, tear or abuse) must be undertaken by SUPERSEAL and paid for by the client, in order to maintain the guarantee.

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